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Nov 2011 - Now

Nov 2007 - Oct. 2011

Dec. 2005 - Nov. 2007

CNRS researcher CR1 at Univ. Paris Diderot - Paris 7, Paris, France.

CNRS researcher CR2 at Univ. Paris Diderot - Paris 7, Paris, France.

Postdoc at the Information Systems Group, Faculty of IE&M, The Technion, Israel.


Nov. 2015

Habilitation à diriger des recherches. Paris Diderot University.

  • Title: "Distributed Decision and Distributed Biological Algorithms".
  • Referees: Yehuda Afek, Frederic Magniez, and Roger Wattenhofer.
  • Jury: Olivier Bournez, Benjamin Doerr, Christoph Durr, Cyril Gavoille, Frederic Magniez, and Claire Mathieu.

April 2002 - Dec. 2005

Ph.D. in Computer Science. The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

  • Thesis Advisor: Prof. David Peleg.
  • Title: Static and Dynamic Labeling Schemes.
  • Won the Dean's Prize for Ph.D. Students. Ph.D. Thesis approved on May 8, 2006.

Feb. 2000 - April 2002

M.Sc. in Computer Science. The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel. Advisor: Prof. David Peleg.

1998 - 1999

M.Sc. in Mathematics. Stanford University, Stanford, California, U.S.A.

1995 - 1997

B.Sc. in Mathematics. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Grants and Fellowships

  • Principle Investigator of the ERC Consolidator Grant "Distributed Biological Algorithms" (DBA), May 2015- April 2020 
  • Member of the ANR Blanc grant DISPLEXITY during 2012 - 2015. Coordinator of a task
  • Member of the ANR Blanc grant ALADDIN, 2007-2011
  • Member of the French-Israeli Mamonide grant 2013 - 2015
  • Postdoc supported in part at the Technion by an Aly Kaufman fellowship, 2006-2007
  • Received the Vatat scholarship for outstanding Ph.D. students 2002-2005


  • Won the ICDCN 2009's best paper award
  • Won the Dean's Prize for Ph.D. Students at the Weizmann Institute of Science
  • Won the DISC 2005's best student paper award
  • Graduated at the Hebrew University with exceptional honors: Magna Cum Lauda
  • Was on the Dean's list in 1995, 1997

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    • MPRI course 2.18.1: Distributed Algorithms for Networks, 2013

    Ph.D Students

    • Brieuc Guinard. Started on Oct 2016
    • Lucas Boczkowski, co-advised with Iordanis Kerenidis. Started on Oct. 2015
    • Simon Collet, co-advised with Pierre Fraigniaud. Started on Oct. 2015

    Jury Memberships

    • PhD defense of Jara Uitto, ETH Zurich
    • Master defense of Roman Kecher, Tel-Aviv University