About me

I am a CNRS senior researcher (DR2) located at IRIF, University Paris Diderot. I am interested in understanding fundamental aspects of computation under uncertainty. This finds relevance in multiple contexts, stretching across the disciplines of computer science, sociology, and biology. In previous years I studied theoretical aspects of distributed computing, mostly in the context of locality. Recently, I have become particularly intrigued with applying techniques from algorithm theory in order to uncover computational aspects that are inherent to biological ensembles.  Questions I am interested in are, for example, how do aspects such as noise or competition affect the ability of groups to effectively perform basic collective tasks. Aiming to connect to biological contexts I collaborate with experimental biologists, and together we develop new methodologies for integrating algorithmic insights with empirical data. The main biologists I work with are Ofer Feinerman (specializing in ants) and Yossi Yovel (specializing in bats).

My research is supported by an ERC Consolidator grant (May 2015 - April 2020) whose budget is roughly 2M Euros. 

My extracurricular interests include North Indian Classical music. I am a senior tabla desciple of Pandit Nayan Ghosh.