About me

I am a CNRS senior researcher (DR2) located at IRIF, University Paris Diderot. I am interested in various fundamental aspects of computation under uncertainly. This finds relevance in a variety of computer science domains, including distributed computing, online algorithms, decision theory, and search algorithms. In previous years I was mostly engaged in studying different variants of classical models of distributed computing, aiming to improve our understanding regarding the connections between the global and the local scales of information. Recently, I have become particularly intrigued with applying techniques from the theory of algorithms in order to uncover computational aspects which are inherent to collective animal behavior. For this purpose I collaborate with biologists and together combine theoretical algorithmic investigations with tailored biological experiments. So far I have been focusing mostly on studying foraging and information dissemination strategies employed by animal ensembles such as ants, bees and bats. My research in this direction is supported by an ERC Consolidator grant. 

My extracurricular interests include North Indian Classical music. I am a tabla exponent of the Farrukhabad gharana and a disciple of Pandit Nayan Ghosh.